How To Use

This is a simple guide on how to fill and use our Lytchett Living Oil Burners

To fill your oil burner, Unscrew wind break, wick holder and fill container with oil using a small funnel approximately 25mm from the top as oil will rise when reinserting wick. Do not overfill container. Replace wick holder and wind break. (If the burner appears to be leaking, the container has been overfilled.)

To use your oil burner, Ensure wick is beneath the top of the wind break. Before igniting, ensure wick is wet with oil and light. To extinguish, simply place snuff cap over flame. Burner will be hot!

To replace wick in oil burner, Let burner cool sufficiently, unscrew wind break, unscrew wick holder, remove old wick and insert new one by screwing wick into the holder. Replace wick holder into burner and replace wind break.

The oil burner is a sealed unit and can only leak if overfilled

We have recently changed the design of our wick holder and wind break. The newer ones are fused together and are made of stainless steel in order to reduce damage over time.