About us

Lytchett Living is a 100% Australian based business that manufacture & sell recycled wooden oil burners. No trees are cut down for these products.

Lytchett Living sell non flammable Paraffin based oils infused with sandalwood which is a natural insect deterrent. We also have other fragrances available which compliment the sandalwood & together keep the  biting insects away.

All our oil burners are unique & when used in conjunction with our sandalwood oils, will deter most biting insects.

We currently have two sizes of oil burner, a 7 hour burner and a 24 hour burner, that give you plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors without the annoyance of biting insects.

Our Wooden oil burners are designed for outdoor use only, however we do have glass oil burners suitable for interior use.

For all enquires for wholesale rates & market opportunities throughout Australia please contact us via our email.

Contact us : Sales@lytchettliving.com