Q. I have filled my burner and it is leaking from the bottom, what should I do?
A. Our burners are fitted with a sealed stainless steel container for oil. If the burner appears to be leaking, it means it has been filled too high which causes the oil to leak from the top of the container and come out through the bottom. Please ensure your oil container has not been filled too high.

Q. I don't want to visit the markets or shop online. Do you have any other stores?
A. We recently started supplying our products in stores around Australia such as Ritchies IGA and Peries IGA. Check out our Stockists page for a list of in-store locations. Alternatively, we have a factory shop in Ormeau, QLD which is open by appointment. Feel free to give us a call on 0414 602 481 so we can open our factory for you.

Q. I've received my burner and a few small pieces of wood have chipped off, why did this happen?
A. All of our burners are made from 100% natural and recycled wood. Unfortunately, some small parts may chip off as the wood is natural and there isn't a way to prevent this unless we decided to stop using real wood. Please understand that we do everything we can to preserve the wood in its natural state and sometimes things like this do happen, but this will not effect the quality of the burner or its ability to prevent biting insects.

Q. I have owned my burner for a few years and it is starting to get rusty, what should I do?
A. Our burners are fitted with a stainless steel container, however the wind break and wick holder can become damaged over time due to the heat from the flame. We have recently started selling wick holders and wind breaks online which you can use to replace these parts. 

Q. What markets will you be attending this week?
A. Simply visit our Upcoming Markets page to view a list our markets for the current week. This will be frequently updated and we will also post on Instagram and Facebook at the start of every week.

Q. I am not happy with the product I have received, how do I go about this?
A. If for some reason you are unhappy with the product you have received, please send an email to sales@lytchettliving.com or message our Facebook page and we will do our best to fix it. Make sure you hold on to your packing slip once you receive your order, as we will require this to fulfil any refunds or returns. We can only process refunds and returns if the product has been purchased within 12 months of refund/return enquiry.